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Help for Preventing Foot Injuries at Work

Foot Injuries

Depending on the type of job you have, if you wear heels to work, you may be hurting your feet. Take advantage of these tips to help protect your feet and have better posture at work. Your feet and toes are precious – so let’s protect them!

Foot Care Tips for Women

Wear Comfortable Shoes to Work

The Huffington Post suggests that a lot of foot problems can be treated. For women that walk a lot in heels, you might be damaging your feet. Heels are not meant to be worn all day and they can damage your posture as you extend your spine. To help you maintain a good posture, wear comfortable shoes to work like walking shoes. This can help to protect your feet and minimize the risk of an injury like a sprain or a break.

Try a Lower Heel

Another area that can help with your posture and back is to wear a lower heel. While the 4 and 5-inch heel may be the style, they can be very damaging to your spine and form. Look for a heel that is no higher than 3-inches. If you have to work with the public all day, look for a kitten heel that can be 1-inch. It still gives you a little height and it’s also easier to stand on all day.

Buy Cushioned Heels or Insert Supports

Cole Haan and other shoe designers are starting to add cushioning to their shoes. Look for shoes that will give you added support where you need it. You can always buy air-pillow insoles by companies like Dr. Scholl’s and other brands. These can help to treat sore feet especially if you do a lot of standing on marble floors all day.

Foot Care Tips for Men

Wear Supportive Shoes

For men that have to work in areas where they deal with heavy equipment, steel toe shoes can help to protect your feet. A steel toe shoe can offer support to your toes and ankles to prevent a crush injury if a piece of equipment is dropped on your foot. Look for steel toe shoes at stores like Walmart or DSW online. You can also find them in stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Have Your Feet Measured

If you’re unsure about how you walk and if you have high or low arches, schedule an appointment with your doctor and ask for a referral to see a podiatrist. They can measure your feet and take an imprint of your foot. If you need arch supports, they may give them to you or you can find these at your local drug store or pharmacy.

If you find that you have problems with your feet or you are suffering from back pain, you may want to see a specialist. Novi MI foot & ankle surgeons can help with foot spurs, bunions and other types of debilitating foot injuries that can cause severe pain. Speak to your primary care physician today and ask for a referral. That way you can protect your feet and always put your best foot forward!


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