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Peptide Synthesis and Application


The synthesis of peptides is characterized by the formation of a peptide bond between two or more amino acids. Peptide synthesis or the ability to link amino acids with peptide bonds is not a new phenomenon, since it is a concept that the world has known for over a century.

The first peptides to be synthesized, however, happened about 60 years ago, and this included insulin and oxytocin. This first synthesis demonstrated the difficulty in bringing the chains of amino acids together and it was a door to the numerous advancement that have been seen in the field for the last fifty years.

A lot of changes have occurred in protein synthesis and different advanced and highly effective methodologies have been discovered until now peptide synthesis is a common approach used in product research, biological research and numerous scientific researches for drug development.

The advantage of the peptide synthesis strategies in use today is that other than having the ability to manufacture the exact same type of peptides present in biological specimen, imagination and creativity can be used to create new peptides to model a desired biological response or any ,c.vother result.

With the invention of synthetic peptides over half a century ago, they havme been applied in a wide variety of areas and fields and these include but not limited to the development of epitope-specific antibodies to fight pathogenic proteins in the body, identification and characterization of proteins, studies of protein functions etc. Additionally, synthetic peptides are used in the study of enzyme substrate reaction which plays a very important role in cell signaling.

It will also interest you to know that the synthetic peptides are just like the naturally occurring peptides and they are being used in studies as well as the manufacture of cancer drugs and other diseases. Finally, synthetic peptides are also used as reagents and standards in mass-spectrometry based applications.


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